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Infigo Films

1. It’s pronounced [ in-fee-goh ] It’s basically a Latin pun - To be “impressive” but also “to imprint” on film…

2. Yes, we’re nerds.

At Infigo Films, we pride ourselves in knowing what’s good and what’s not, and we’re not afraid to admit it. We are driven to tell compelling stories with exquisite visuals and evocative sound to create engaging, cinematic commercials that everyone will be proud of. There’s a reason “impressive” is in our name… in Latin.

BTS Lane 1
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Lane Russell & Bryson Alejandro

Lane Russell & Bryson Alejandro are both perfectionists and super picky, which is exactly who you want working on your videos. They won’t just deliver an okay product, they will deliver the best. Both attended the same high school but never knew of each other until after college. They’ve now been working together since 2015.

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BTS Both 1
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